NIU is the Catalan word for NEST: “a snug retreat or refuge; resting place; home.”

NIU Arquitectura is an architecture office based in Palma. Originally founded in Barcelona in 2002 by partners Joan Cerdà and Tete Crespí, they moved back to their home island of Mallorca in 2005. Today, the studio consists of a team of five and specialises in a wide range of projects, from private to social buildings, restoration of private and public spaces, urban planning and competition projects.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field, the core of NIU’s practice lies in the very foundation and structure of buildings, by choosing natural and local materials that are coherent with the nature of each project. The office, led by Cerdà as architecture director and Crespí as multidisciplinary manager and designer, offers a deep understanding of the construction and technical processes, providing each project with solutions that best respond to landscape and context.

Ultimately, NIU strives to create and restore buildings based on the concepts of coherence, simplicity and functionality, with a keen eye for interior design — buildings that are organically integrated in the environment and that truly respond to one’s needs.

Victor Bauzá, Jorge Pozo, Marta Villanueva, Gloria Kusior

Mar Agra, Mateu Moyà, Jaume Rebassa, Alicia Fraga, Lluc Darder, Itziar Lafuente, Toni Ramis, Miquel Moll, Manuel García, Rosalía Varela, Mireia Cabaní, David Goodman, Aina Martínez, Eugenia Troncoso, Chiara Lucchini, Jessica Jacqueminaz, Ana Martí, Uwe Wütherich.